Green Life

Stainless steel Green Life magnetic bag filter housings are devices for clarifying water in closed circuits for hot
water in heating systems and also cooling and ice water circuits. As far as the water is flowing through the filter, it will take corrosion and clogging of the circuits caused by the presence of metallic particles related to the phenomena of electrolytic currents in the water, the introduction of dissolved gases due to leakage losses, or through the porosity of the pipes. These phenomena in the water will generate sediments and sludge, and, consequently, will slow down the circulation of the fluid; at the same time, the system will lose energy and efficiency, the life duration of the pumps will be reduced and the exchangers will be clogged. The magnetic bag filter housing is an effective response to these problems.

Green Life magnetic bag filter housings

Green Life magnetic bag filter housings are devices for clarifying water in closed heating and cooling circuits. They are constructed of stainless steel and feature a high strength magnetic core with a bag filter. Closed water systems may contain suspended particulates of iron and other system materials. Deposition of these particulates can cause:

  • heat transfer loss – increase in energy usage
  • under-deposit corrosion – asset failures, downtime
  • absorption of chemical treatment, making it difficult to maintain desired residuals
  • pump seal leaks – water loss/makeup allowing oxygen ingress and system corrosion cycle
  • bacterial habitat.

Green Life magnetic bag filter housing is an effective response to these problems.


Added Value

  • Optimum efficiency & energy savings
  • (+20%)
  • Easy installation
  • No start-up
  • Low operational costs
  • Small footprint


  • DN20
  • DN32
  • DN40
  • DN50
  • DN80 F

Thermal Insulation Jackets

Protects the filtration unit from heat losses in heating installations, condensation in ice water installations. This jacket is mounted very easily without tools, after connection to the installation, around the body and on the cover and thus isolates the whole of its environment.

  • Cleanliness site: condensation removed: more water runoff
  • Saving energy: reduced energy losses around the filter
  • Health and Safety: reduced exposure to hot surfaces.

Circulation pumps

Matched circulation pumps are available to provide motive flow through the filter housing.

Variable differential pressure (Dp-v):

The electronics change the differential pressure setpoint HS to be maintained by the pump linearly between ½HS and HS. The differential
pressure setpoint H decreases or increases with the flow rate.

3 speed stages (n = constant):

The pump runs uncontrolled in one of three settable fixed speed stages. Min / Med / Max

Insulation Shells for Circulation Pumps

For the thermal insulation (to be provided by the customer) of the pump body in heating applications. Reduces the heating costs of the pump up
to 85%.


  • Reduced energy consumption of the heating system
  • Energy savings
  • Resistance to acids, salts, many acids, acids and fats
  • Uniform heat distribution throughout the pump
  • Protection against energy
  • Non-polluting for groundwater, without foaming product,
    without formaldehyde
  • Recyclable up to 100%

our range of green life magnetic bag Filter housings

DN20 DN32 DN40 DN50 DN80 F

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