Hydrosense enables the testing for Legionella pneumophila SG15 with results available in 25 minutes! Samples can be taken from water and also surfaces with swab kits, looking for biofilms. The Hydrosense test has been developed and independently validated for use in high-risk areas such as cooling towers, water tanks, domestic hot and cold-water systems, sinks, showers, decorative fountains, whirlpool spas, and more.

Hydrosense Legionella DeTEctor

Introducing the cutting-edge innovation in Legionella detection, Hydrosense PRO. Building on the success of our established Hydrosense ONE test, this user-friendly and precise solution now extends its capabilities to detect a broader range of Legionella pneumophila serogroups. Covering serogroups 1-15, the test employs a unique filtration step in conjunction with the well-established Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay (LFICA) technology, akin to the technology used in Covid and pregnancy tests.

A noteworthy advancement, the three-line test isolates the bacteria, distinctly identifying the presence of serogroup 1 on one test line and 2-15 on another, delivering crucial information instantly to the user. Highly sensitive, the test can detect Legionella levels as low as 100 CFU/L (0.1 CFU/ml) and provides action levels at 1,000 CFU/L (1 CFU/ml) and 10,000 CFU/L (10 CFU/ml).

Experience the next generation in Legionella detection with Hydrosense PRO.



  • Rapid
  • The world’s fastest Legionella test. Get results on-site for the strain of Legionella that causes practically all Legionnaires’ disease cases and outbreaks in only 25 minutes
  • On-site
  • Results obtained on-site. Removes risks associated with transportation of samples
  • Self-test
  • Simple to use, no specialist training required. One line means that Legionella pneumophila SG1 has not been detected, two lines mean that action should be taken to deal with Legionella present. Optionally, the app reader can verify test results independently
  • Detects VBNC Legionella bacteria, proven to infect but undetectable via the lab culture method
  • Connected
  • Results can be stored and shared in real-time with the Hydrosense Pro App and Portal providing an independent audit trail and facilitating immediate action.

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