Fleck Filter Systems

Fleck stands out as a leading global brand in the realm of water softening systems, offering an extensive array of water treatment solutions. As one of the three Pentair control valve brands produced in the EMEA region, Fleck caters to a diverse range of applications, providing effective solutions for softening or filtration needs in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, whether for hot or cold water. Throughout the decades, Fleck has consistently demonstrated a track record of performance and reliability.

Fleck Filter Systems

Fleck filter systems find application in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings, offering a versatile range of valves and customisable options. These systems utilize various media types, including Activated Carbon, Birm, Filox R, Multimedia, pH, and Turbidex, each tailored to suit specific situations:

Media Type: Coconut Shell Carbon
Support Gravel: 3 – 5mm
Life Span: Dependent on the frequency of backwashing and site conditions

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