ELFI filters, save time, money and energy

7 Key Features of ELFI Filters

Save water, time, and energy with sustainable water filtration with Wycombe Water and ELFI Filters.

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the demand for efficient and sustainable water treatment solutions has never been higher. Wycombe Water proudly introduces ELFI Filters, a game-changer in the water treatment industry that not only saves time but also contributes to significant water and energy conservation.


1. Continuous Operation with Self-Cleaning Filters

Boasting self-cleaning technology, eliminating the need for service interruptions during cleaning cycles. This ensures a seamless filtration process and significantly reduces downtime, leading to increased plant availability.

2. Reduced Shutdown Time and Maintenance Costs

The innovative design of ELFI Filters translates into a remarkable reduction in shutdown time, directly impacting operational efficiency. Simultaneously, maintenance costs are significantly lowered as the self-cleaning mechanism minimises manual interventions.

3. Highly Effective in Suspended Solids Removal

ELFI Filters excel in the removal of suspended solids, offering a superior level of filtration. This not only enhances the quality of treated water but also extends the lifespan of downstream equipment, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

4. No Replacement Filter Cartridges Required

Unlike traditional filtration systems, ELFI Filters eliminate the need to frequently replace filter cartridges. This not only saves on ongoing consumable costs but also reduces the environmental impact of disposable filter components.

5. Energy and Water Conservation

ELFI Filters are designed with an emphasis on sustainability, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower water discharge. This dual benefit not only supports eco-friendly practices but also translates into substantial cost savings for businesses.

6. Cost-Efficient Solution

By eliminating the need for disposable consumables and minimising maintenance requirements, ELFI Filters contribute to significant cost savings over the long term. This makes them a wise investment for businesses aiming to optimise their water treatment processes.

7. Environmental Impact

ELFI Filters play a crucial role in environmental stewardship by preventing filter cartridges from ending up in landfills. This commitment to sustainability aligns with global efforts to reduce waste and promote responsible business practices.


ELFI Filters find applications across a spectrum of industries, including:

  • Pre-filtration in UF (Ultrafiltration) systems
  • Water treatment plants
  • Evaporation and cooling towers
  • Spray nozzle protection
  • Heat exchangers
  • Irrigation
  • Sea Water

With filtration levels from 2mm down to 1µm and flow rates from less than 1m3/h to over 1000 m3/h, our dedicated technical team is ready to share the key benefits and provide a filtration solution that meets your exact requirements.


Established in 2007, ELFI has positioned itself as a leading provider of self-cleaning filters, cartridge filters, strainer filters, and centrifugal separators for the water treatment sector. With a portfolio of over 2,200 unique and patented solutions delivered thus far, ELFI boasts a widespread presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The company brings extensive expertise to various applications, including pre-filtration in UF systems, protection of evaporation/cooling towers, safeguarding spray nozzles, heat exchange systems, seawater filtration, irrigation, pharmaceuticals, as well as the food and beverage industry. ELFI’s filtration capabilities range from 2mm down to 1μm, accommodating flow rates from under 1 m3/hr to over 1000 m3/hr, ensuring a solution for nearly every application.


As a market-leading manufacturer, ELFI products are exclusively distributed in the UK & Ireland by Wycombe Water Limited. This ensures that businesses in the region have access to cutting-edge water treatment solutions backed by the expertise of Wycombe Water.

ELFI Filters stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a holistic solution to water treatment challenges. By embracing these advanced filtration technologies, businesses can not only streamline their operations but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Discover the transformative benefits of ELFI with Wycombe Water, specialists in commercial and industrial water treatment equipment.

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Save time, water and energy with ELFI filters

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