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Simplex softeners should be sized to give days usage of softened water before requiring regeneration to prevent downtime.

These softeners are ideally suited for applications were the water demand is consistent and out of hours regeneration can be undertake.

Regeneration Option

  • Time Clock
  • Meter Delayed
  • Meter Immediate
  • No by-pass during regeneration


Duplex softeners comprise of two vessels, which are designed to give a continuous supply of softened water 24 hours a day.

The regeneration is initiated automatically from an inline water meter, when exhausted it switches to the standby column and the exhausted column regenerates.

Timer Options

  • ECO - Mechanical Meter Controlled
  • SXT Timer Digital Electronic Metered Controlled
  • 3200 NXT Timer Network Technology
  • ES2050 Duplex Wall Mounted or Panel Mounted Controller with Programmable Outputs
  • ES2070 Triplex Wall Mounted Controller with Programmable Outputs


We can offer a full range of filtration equipment using the Fleck Multi-port valves, for service flow rates up to 20m/hr.

Timer Options

  • Time Clock
  • SXT Timer Digital Electronic Timer Controlled
  • 3200 NXT Timer Network Technology
  • No by-pass during backwash